Methods and methodologies

Recovery in sport

Recovery after intense exercise in the modern professional sport is an integral part of the training process, no less important than the actual training. Therefore, the practical use of various means of recovery in the training of athletes is an important reserve for further improvement of the training effectiveness, for achieving a high level of preparedness.

From the perspective of anatomy there are three types of special sensitive "sensors" in the human skin involved in the "start" of recovery mechanisms – thermoreceptors, mechanoreceptors and nociceptors. The first ones feel the changes in temperature, the second ones – touching and squeezing of the skin, and the third ones – pain stimuli.

Influence on thermoreceptors is traditionally used for purposes of recovery in sports ­ baths, saunas, thermal water and air baths, and in recent years – cryosaunas.

Influence on the mechanoreceptors had been used for centuries in all types of massage. Electrotherapy – influence on the tissue with special electrical impulses in response to which muscle contractions occur and barotherapy – influence on the same mechanoreceptors with an external variable air pressure, are increasingly used in recent years.

The result of such influence is the release of endorphin – the hormone of happiness which improves subjective physical state of athletes, significantly improved peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation, muscles effectively exempt from lactic acid, restored their performance, and serial influence act as an exercise for organism’s protective systems.

Among many modern physiotherapy complexes working on the principle of electrotherapy, only “Multispectrum” physiotherapy complex is designed specifically for the needs of professional sports and has not only a large number of patterns but also unique therapeutic “Recovery” and “Manual massage” regimes.

For recovery activities with the help of “Recovery” regime, a special series of electrical pulses influence tired muscles causing them to shrink gently and wavelike in the direction from periphery to center and “squeeze” the products of metabolism away naturally.

The unique technique of “Manual massage" allows combining all positive effects of electrotherapy with the advantages of traditional massage.

Application of barotherapy for recovery of high-level athletes gave a powerful impulse for the “reincarnation” and development of this physiotherapy technique.

Athlete recovery in “Multispectrum” barometric module goes as follows.

Rotating the pedals of built-in cycle ergometer with a small load of 5-25 W, athlete works in “active recovery” regime. At this time, the device accurately determines the pressure between plus/minus 40 mbar , which corresponds to the pressure at a depth of 1.5 m below the water and 1,500 m above sea level, respectively, and what is more, the transition occurs in an instant and the number of these transitions is not limited. The main influence occurs because of changes in atmospheric pressure inside the barotrainer, in response to which the activation of metabolism becomes significant and persistent not only in muscles of the lower body of an athlete, but also throughout the body as a whole.

A distinctive feature of barotraining on “Multispectrum” barometric module is that the device sets the required levels of physical exercise on the ergometer and intensity of vacuum/compression on the basis of “on-line” athlete’s vegetative maintenance data analysis. The use of such feedback not only can improve the safety of most barotrainings for an athlete, but allow conduct barotraining with maximum efficiency in accordance with the current functional state of an athlete.