Our devices on the Olympic games in Beijing

The devices produced by our company started a successful work as a part of the medical-diagnostic system for the evaluation and correction of the functional state of athletes in a Recovery Center of Russian national teams in the Olympic village and in the Medical center in Beijing. The results of the FSA through HRV tests and tests on a rheographic module will be regularly transmitted to the server that is installed in Rossport in Moscow for prompt consultation with a specialist in functional diagnosis. Also present at the Olympic Games is our physiotherapy unit, which is used especially actively by our national team in gymnastics for rapid recovery after training and for treatment of injuries.
We are also pleased to announce that our latest development - "Multispectrum-Hypoxi" - a complex, designed for controlled barotraining in a form of a dosed physical load on the body of an athlete and alternating air pressure around the lower part of the body under the control of the main vital functions of an organism, will be used in Beijing. 

Without exaggeration we can say that we keep abreast with the Olympics and we hope that our equipment will help our national team to get more gold medals.