RAAM and “SCHEME”: the Race to success Across America

On the 11th of June the Race Across America (RAAM) starts in Oceanside, California. This annual bike race crosses U.S. from the west to the east and is ranked as one of the most extreme sport events in the world. 39 athletes from all over the world will try to conquer the race this year. All the participants will have to ride 3000 miles across 12 states averaging 250-350 miles a day with little or no sleep and rest.

One of the athletes, the Austrian Gerald Bauer, will be accompanied by his personal physician Fedor Fomin (Neurosoft) and the HYPOXI company's representative Bernd Eckerstorfer. A unique MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI complex, which is the result of collaboration of three companies: Neurosoft (Ivanovo), SCHEME (Moscow) and HYPOXI (Austria), will follow the rider in a mobile laboratory. Gerald Bauer were preparing for the competition for six months with the help of this system under the close supervision of Fedor Fomin and is now ready to compete with other athletes for the best result in the upcoming race.

MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI complex will allow experts to solve the following tasks during the entire event:

  • assess the current condition of the athlete before the start of the next stage;
  • monitor the state of the athlete’s cardiovascular system during the race;
  • conduct daily barotrainings on MULTISPECTRUM-HYPOXI barotrainer to accelerate recovery of the athlete with the control of heart rate variability analysis.

We wish our team a good luck and hope that Gerald Bauer will show the excellent preparation and finish this race among the leaders.

We will keep you posted about the latest developments throughout the race.