ECG hardware module


ECG hardware module is a 12-channel digital wireless portable electrocardiograph, weighing less than 200g.


ECG data obtained are of high quality, inaccessible to the majority of stationary devices.

High sampling parameters (signal processing with a frequency of 1000 Hz, 24 bits ADC) combined with powerful digital filters contained in the software ECG module guarantee the highest accuracy and reliability of the results.

Device connection with a computer via Bluetooth allows the athlete to be up to 7 meters away from the computer during ECG.

The main applications of this device - the current examinations (ECG, FSA through HRV), as well as phased control of the athlete state (FSA through load testing, FSA through load testing with gas analysis).

Autonomously powered cardiograph allows to carry out surveys in virtually any environment: to take and analyze ECG in non-electrified areas, to conduct "field" tests, to assess the functional state of the athlete in his room, immediately after sleep, which greatly improves the reliability of the data.


Advantages over analogues

  • portability (weighs less than 200g.);
  • accuracy and interference immunity;
  • autonomy;
  • universal connectivity interface implemented on the basis of Bluetooth protocol;
  • opportunity to work with smartphones and tablets (Windows, Android and other software platforms);
  • ability to remotely control the equipment and remotely conduct consultations through an Internet connection.