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Physiotherapy module


The module is designed for rapid recovery after training loads and treatment of injuries.


The unique hardware allows performing almost any physiotherapy procedure using preset templates.

Conducting physiotherapy through electrotherapy techniques and ultrasound therapy.

Allows to conduct up to 3 independent procedures, treat a vast area of a body during one session or treat several patients simultaneously.

The main types of procedures provided in “Multispectrum”:

Targeted treatments: drainage, relaxation, analgesia, muscular stimulation, muscular tonization, interference.

Complex procedures: bruises, sprains, joint contractures, epicondylitis, bursitis, periarthritis, arthritis, osteochondrosis pain syndrome, intercostal neuralgia, recovery.

Special procedures: percutaneous electroneurostimulation, amplipulse therapy, diadynamic electrical currents, electrophoresis, manual massage.

Additional techniques: ultrasound therapy (0.88/2.64 MHz) phototherapy.

Experienced user can fine-tune and create his own treatment templates.

Advantages over analogues

  • a large number of preset physiotherapy templates (600 templates);
  • a lot of hints for the imposition of electrodes and the strength of influence;
  • can be used for the treatment of hematomas almost from the moment of injury;
  • ability to combine treatment methods of electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy;
  • ability to treat several patients simultaneously – up to 3;
  • ability to dynamically observe patients with a graphical display of changes;
  • ability to conduct a recovery treatment using techniques of manual massage;
  • ability to form treatment reports;
  • ability to conduct physical treatments for muscle recovery;
  • ability to create treatment templates;
  • compactness of the device;
  • intuitive interface.