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Therapeutic and recovery barotrainers


Designed for controlled barotrainings in the form of dosed physical load and variable atmospheric pressure around the bottom part of the athlete’s body under the control of basic vital functions of the athlete’s organism.


Our method is unique and products for barotrainings are provided only by SCHEME Ltd. under the “Multispectrum” brand.

The combination of load and variable pressure provides training for autonomic nervous system, improves capillary blood flow in the muscles of the lower extremities, speeds up recovery from stress and removes lactic acid from the muscles.

Dosed load and pressure are set according to the athlete’s current functional state, definition of which is possible due to the internal regulatory reserves control, which in its on turn helps during recovery not to stress athlete even more.

The complex is designed for:

– Special barotrainings* under control of basic vital functions of the athlete’s organism;

– A variety of diagnostic and therapeutic remediation using own hardware and software;

– Research studies about the barotraining effects on the human body, establishment and improvement of techniques to improve the functional state, physical performance improvement, development of athlete’s muscular endurance, increase of athlete’s nonspecific resistance and adaptive capacity while under frequent changes of climate, time zones, fast and controlled weight loss, shortening the recovery of patients after an illness, injury etc.

Advantages over analogues

  • Unlike vacuum trainers barotrainer uses alternating pressure, thus it does not harm heart activity;
  • During all trainings on the barotrainer, regardless of goals, heart activity and internal regulatory resources are thoroughly monitored and controlled;
  • Possibility to change a lot of user setting of the software;
  • Saving all conducted barotrainings in a database;
  • Ability to import/export barotrainings patterns that specify the load, pressure and time;
  • Ability to save athlete’s individual anthropometric data in the barotrainer basic settings;
  • Automatic generation of the barotraining report with the inclusion of the main barotraining parameters: athlete’s data, barotraining graph with data curves, list of all events during barotraining, statistics tables, summaries etc.
  • Display of the following barotraining parameters:

– Connection with barotrainer – yes/no;

– Barotrainer locks – locked/opened;

– Position of the seat;

– Position of the pedals;

– Cadence;

– Set and current actual pressure inside the barotrainer capsule (mbar);

– Set and current actual load on the barotrainer ergometer (Watts);

– Current heart rate from barotrainer sensor;

– Current heart rate from compatible ECGs;

– Current capacity of the LF sympathetic regulation;

– Current capacity of the HF parasympathetic regulation;

– Current temperature inside the barotrainer;

– Security:

- Alarm when athlete’s physiological parameters are lower or higher than a set value;

 - Automatic correction or training stoppage in the absence of operator response.


Approbation of methods and hardware-software complex

 In 2008, our barotrainers were supplied to the Ministry of Sports of Russia as a part of “Multispectrum” complex, by way of an additional recovery means for national teams of Russia and proved themselves as a highly unique tool for prestart preparation for athletes, recovery from intense training and competition loads, increase of adaptation capabilities of an athlete with frequent changes of climate, time zones etc.

Attached you can see feedback on our work from biathlon and ski federations.


Certificate of Compliance

Technical specification of the barotrainer

Technical specification of a PC supplied together with software.

Feedback letters.



* Barotraining – a type of barotherapy during which athlete is working on a bicycle ergometer inside a pressure chamber.