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Mobile laboratories


  • ensuring the continuity of dynamic control of athletes functional state at different stages of the training process, including during offsite trainings and competitions;
  • current and complex stage exams of athletes;
  • special barotrainings which allow development of general and special endurance, reduce muscle performance recovery time after exercise, increase nonspecific resistance of an athlete organism etc.;
  • providing advisory telemedicine care during offsite trainings and competitions;
  • providing the operational control of the training process, including telemedicine and video conferencing.


In 2009–2010 three Mobile laboratories were built and commissioned for the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

Since 2010 Mobile laboratories have been permanently escorting Russian skiing, biathlon, speed skating and other teams. During this time thousands of barotrainings have been carried out, huge experience of barotraining usage during various stages of training and competitive activities was accumulated, barotraining templates were customized for each athlete-contender for gold medal at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. And barotrainings were “embedded” in the training and competition process by coaches of the teams and became a common means of prestart and recovery of athletes during their participation in the most important competitions.

In preparation for the 2012 Olympics in London Mobile laboratories have worked extensively with athletes of Russian synchronized swimming, diving, gymnastics, pentathlon, athletics and other teams.

Technical specifications

Created on the basis of a special vehicle "Laboratory 3032 AX" (VW Crafter 50 (Superlong) chassis) and equipped with satellite communication system, Mobile laboratories have become indispensable mobile centers of medic-biological and scientific support for Russian sports teams, especially for those sports who do not have permanent training camps and competitionplaces.

Medical Equipment of Mobile laboratories

  • “Multispectrum” hardware-software complex includes:
  • ECG and FSA module for ECG analysis and athlete’s functional state assessment through HRV;
  • FSA through load testing module for deep assessment of athlete’s functional state;
  • FSA module with gas analysis;
  • FSA module with telemetry;
  • rheography module;
  • spirography module;
  • psychological and psychophysiological assessment module;
  • physiotherapy module;
  • two barometric modules (“Multispectrum-Hypoxi”) with hypo- and hyperbaric modes and with an external computer control;
  • portable biochemical laboratory;
  • defibrillator and other equipment.

Mobile laboratory with satellite communication system is registered in the Federal Service On Surveillance In Healthcare and can be sold as a medical product “Multispectrum-AUTO”.

Mobile laboratories are based on a specialized vehicle “Laboratory model 3032 AX” on VW Crafter 50 (Superlong) chassis with an internal volume of 15 m3, cabin height – 2100 mm, salon length – 4300mm.