ECG software module


ECG software module is software that was originally developed for the convenience of sports physicians and scientific group specialists.

The program automatically carries out the interpretation of the obtained ECG data and displays conclusion on a monitor. This allows identifying changes in the myocardium quickly, tracking dynamics of such changes, monitoring the effectiveness of recreational activities etc., while spending minimum amount of time for these activities.


A lot of software options for contour ECG analysis: identification of QRST complex points markers, calculation of the basic amplitude and time parameters of the complex, the construction of conclusion, possibility of prolonged ECG monitoring without writing to hard drive – makes this equipment a modern computer cardiograph which satisfies the needs of different levels specialists.

The database is formed from surveys of both usual contingent and professional athletes, that’s why our cardiograph has no analogues for use in professional sports!

The program allows generating reports automatically, edit them using the built-in editor, save an unlimited number of exams on the hard drive, back up exams useing a unique archive format (converting exams into XML format is also available) and, if you have an Internet connection, transfer files to remote computers equipped with the same “Multispectrum” software.

Ability to manage the testing process from a remote computer allows concluding test in the absence of a functional diagnosis specialist at the place of examination.

This equipment can be used for both local and clinical sports medicine tasks, and as a part of telemedicine networks.

Advantages over analogues

  • simultaneous ECG exam for up to 8 athletes;
  • possibility of prolonged ECG monitoring, even during training;
  • automatic identification of QRST complex points markers;
  • intuitive interface adapted even for touchscreens;
  • ECG contour analysis: identification of QRST complex points markers, calculation of the basic amplitude and time parameters of the complex;
  • automatic detection of the deflection angle of the heart electrical axis;
  • ECG interpretation: construction of the conclusion;
  • automatic generation of examination reports;
  • built-in exam reports editor;
  • choice of lead system: standard, Frank, Nehb, Cabrera, L.Z. Slopak-L.Partilla, McFee-Parungao;
  • ability to print ECG in color;
  • a lot of user settings;
  • remote control of the equipment and remote consultations through the Internet.