FSA through HRV module


Athlete functional state assessment module by the heart rate variability is unique and has no analogues.

Function state assessment using the technique of express heart rate variability analysis (FSA through HRV) is used to monitor the state of body regulatory systems, finding signs of overtraining long before the decrease in athletic performance, compliance control of training loads intensity and athlete’s functional state, selection of the optimal training regime, selection of recovery and evaluation tools of the recovery effectiveness and therapeutic measures for achievement of the highest results.


The hardware part of this module is represented by 12-lead digital electrocardiograph or by the wireless transmitter from the telemetry system. In both cases, high-quality ECG signal is transmitted to a computer equipped with unique software, is displayed on the monitor and fully processed by the program.

The basis of the program is the analysis of the fluctuations of heart rate – heart rate variability (HRV). During its development international and Russian requirements were taken into account, vast experience of domestic and foreign schools of functional diagnostics were used, the latest algorithms of mathematical data processing were created, and to build a database for the first time the testing results of athletes from leading Russian teams were used.

The program is designed in accordance with the requirements of the WHO and the world's leading schools of functional diagnostics, to obtain reliable data the analysis of full 6-12-lead ECG is used.

The test takes from 10 to 15 minutes, includes ECG at rest and during functional tests – orthostatic and with physical load. Analysis of party experience with this technique and our own research, during which athletes with master of sports and international class master of sport levels were tested, proved that this protocol is the most justified in terms of cost, time and quality of the information received.

The program performs an automatic interpretation of the obtained HRV data and a monitor displays conclusion.

After receiving the conclusion a specialist can independently adjust the intensity of physical activity, may conduct a thorough investigation of the functional state of an athlete by load testing or get a telemedicine consultation with remotely located expert about functional diagnosis using the same “Multispectrum” complex connected to the Internet.

A rather minimal computer skills are needed for effective use of functional state monitoring program – there is a simple and user-friendly menu, logical system of text prompts, the meaning of all buttons and keys is indicated, and their very number is reduced to the necessary minimum.

Advantages over analogues

  • portability (200g);
  • ability to control equipment remotely and to get remote consultations through an internet connection;
  • exam takes only 12 minutes;
  • intuitive interface;
  • automatic generation of examination report;
  • generic interface implemented on the basis of Bluetooth protocol;
  • opportunity to work with smartphones and tablets (Windows 8, Android and other software platforms).