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FSA through loadtest module


Athlete functional state assessment module through loadtesting (FSA through loadtest) is designed to assess physical performance and endurance of an athlete.


High quality digital wireless electrocardiograph allows concluding tests on the cycle ergometer, treadmill or other technical equipment for exercise. Computer software is compatible with the most popular brands of treadmills and ergometers, load management is automatic, and all necessary information is displayed on a computer screen.

Compatible devices:

  • stationary ergometers: Kettler E3, e-Bike ERGOMETER, all cycle ergometers and ergometers from firms: Lode and Ergoline;
  • mobile cycle ergometers: Cyclus-2;
  • treadmills: all treadmills for company Lode: T 2100; Cosmosquasarmed 4.0.

Such a variety of compatible loading systems can be used for typical ways of conducting tests (work on a bicycle ergometer or treadmill), as well as for work on the treadmill on a bicycle, rollerblades, wheelchair.

Throughout the test a 12-lead ECG is written, which is important for the exam safety and is a requirement of a global exercise test standard, ECG is displayed on a computer screen and is fully saved in the computer memory so it is impossible to miss the heart rhythm disorder or the pathological changes in myocardium.

The program contains a built-in load protocols, allows to evaluate a maximum oxygen consumption by indirect method (using Astrand), assess physical performance according to the PWC 170 index (Karpman method), the result correlates well with direct gas analysis.

The program incorporated the most frequently used loadtest protocols, but you can easily customize your own technique.

The complex provides the result efficiently (up to 2 athletes per hour, the result can be obtained by the medical and coaching staff in a day).

Ability to manage the testing process from a remote computer allows to test in the absence of a specialist in functional diagnostics directly at the venue of the exam.

FSA through loadtest module can be used for both local and clinical sports medicine tasks, and as a part of telemedicine networks.

Advantages over analogues

  • portability of not only the diagnostic equipment but also the load generation system too (all placed in a compact, portable case);
  • ability to use any frame including a frames for paralympians;
  • ability to conclude FSA exam using rollers and bicycle;
  • possibility of using the cycle ergometer for creating load both on hands and on feet;
  • a wide range of automatic load testing protocols for ergometers and treadmills;
  • automatic and customizable protocols such as “Ramp”;
  • continuous recording of 6-12-lead ECG with automatic saving (the number of ECG leads can be selected by the user);
  • calculation of PWC 170 index and maximum oxygen consumption by the Astrand method, with automatic result check;
  • three-step “Swedish” protocol by Sjostrand;
  • adjustment of the user interface color scheme;
  • dynamic display of the current regulatory state of an athlete;
  • a lot of user settings;
  • automatic interpretation of the results obtained in the form of ready-made reports;
  • ability to control equipment remotely and to get remote consultations through an internet connection.